Libertae has a long history of successfully making treatment more responsive, accessible and relevant to women. In order to ensure successful outcomes, we support and empower women to adapt to changes in their environment and to take responsibility for their lives through the following treatment and recovery support services.

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Libertae refers to our approach as a family-centered gender-responsive treatment model . This holistic model helps women navigate through all the stages of recovery. Gender-responsive treatment is evidence based and founded on research that considers both female biology and personal history. It is defined as “the creation of an environment—through site selection, staff selection, program development, and program content and materials—that reflects an understanding of the realities of women’s and girls’ lives and that addresses and responds to their challenges and strengths.”

Our licensed and credentialed therapists, all of whom are experienced in treating co-occurring mental illnesses, actively engage each woman upon arrival. In addition, a consultant psychiatrist performs evaluations and on-going monitoring.

We collaborate with Widener University and 14 other respected academic institutions at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Our clinical internship program utilizes Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a therapeutic approach that encourages women struggling with addiction to clarify their personal values and pursue fulfilling, meaningful lives. 

We utilize an extensive variety of evidenced-based approaches in our effort to provide individualized care:
· Individual and small group therapy
· Family/partner sessions
· Self-esteem in recovery
· Conflict resolution
· Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM)

· Grief Loss
· The Tasks of Mourning model
· Grief Share (in partnership with the faith based community)
· GRASP (Grief Recovery After a Substance Passing) support group
· Social skill building

· Literacy and learning supports (related to treatment barriers)
· Spirituality
· Relaxation and stress reduction techniques
· 12-step groups (NA, AA, Double Trouble, CODA)


We provide comprehensive case management services and life skills counseling. Through a collaborative process of assessment, planning and advocacy, our staff identifies and assists each woman with services that help her achieve her recovery goals. We believe these resources are essential because they support the post-recovery process of independent living and social functioning.

Our staff provides the following services:
· Job readiness training and placement
· Educational pursuits (GED, etc.)
· Housing referrals
· Life Skills counseling and advocacy
· Legal services (advocacy, court accompaniment)
· Medical referrals and supports
· Personal budgeting
· Wellness groups
· Access to community resources
· Recreation


We address the needs of mothers and children through our Family House and Family Center facilities. Our main focus is to encourage healthy parenting, mother-child bonding and family functioning. Pregnant women receive access to prenatal care, life skills counselors and a community of women who provide support during and after birth.

At our Family House, where women reside without their children, we focus on building trust and proper parental responses. If mothers are separated from their children and reunification is possible, mothers are required to attend preparatory parenting groups. In addition, case management services, referrals and other services are available for children who are not participating in treatment.

Pregnant Women Meeting At Ante Natal Class

Parenting Education

We offer parenting groups and individual parenting sessions as well as linkages to outside supports and mentors. Our parenting education includes:

• Child development
• Positive discipline
• Communication techniques
• Mother-child play
• Nutrition
• Work-life balance
• Self-reflection

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Mother-child Bonding

Mother-child bonding is an important aspect of successful recovery. A close mother-child bond can often prevent diseases and boost immunity. Our focus  includes the following:

• Daily developmental and educational activities
• Teaching mothers how to enjoy their children and have fun with them
• Daily structured activities that enable mothers to be fully present to their children

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Child Services

School-aged children participate in small groups that use evidence-based prevention strategies to build a healthy self-image. We provide the following:

• Medical referrals and support
• Behavioral and psychological assessment referrals and services—helping them to identify and explore their feelings
• A safe space
• Tutors and educational assessments
• Positive communication and conflict resolution skills
• Identifying healthy relationships in their lives
• Group activities that build self-esteem and resilience
• Recreational activities and trips
• Drug prevention education (grades K–4)


Outpatient Services are designed for women who do not require the more intensive services available in our long-term residential recovery communities but can still benefit from a focused treatment plan. 

Libertae has a proven history and expertise in the development and implementation of gender-responsive, trauma informed care for women. We now provide a more complete continuum of care that offers evidence-based treatment for substance use and mental health disorders.
The Libertae Wellness & Recovery Center will use gender-specific interventions that target issues specific to women in treatment.
The flexibility of our programs allows us to meet each client at their level of motivation and stage of change in treatment. Libertae will treat substance abuse and mental health conditions concurrently. We will include families and significant others in treatment and educate them about substance use and mental health disorders.
Our new program is designed to increase the number of admissions to treatment for women and ensure good outcomes in order to impact the mortality rate due to drug overdoses. The length of our outpatient treatment plans depends on each individual’s needs. We will be expanding our services to include adolescent females, too.
For admissions, call (215) 639-8681, ext. 235.

Hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 
Levels of care:
  • 1A Outpatient
  • 1B Intensive Outpatient
  • 2A Partial Hospitalization

We will provide the following outpatient services:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family education
  • Life Skills counseling and advocacy
  • Medical referrals and supports
  • Day and evening sessions


Since addiction is a disease, we believe that women in recovery are on a glorious journey to continually reclaiming their lives and strengthening their families. Those who complete treatment receive a certificate. Our annual Libertae picnic celebrates the transition our recent and past alumni are making on their way to healing.