Resident Profile: Tara’s Journey

Tara’s journey into addiction progressed rapidly following the trauma of finding her father after he committed suicide. A tragic and emotionally overwhelming situation led her down a path of drug use, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). “At first I tried to control my life with prescription medicines,” Tara said. “Next came heroin. I became a self-centered, careless, dead spirit. I caused great harm to those that love me.” Over the next five years, Tara’s journey included almost losing her child, being diagnosed with Hepatitis C and experiencing multiple trips to the psychiatric ward, suicidality, homelessness, fighting, stealing and lying. “No one knew who I was anymore, including myself.”

After finally entering rehab, Tara knew she needed to make changes in her life. She found out about Libertae. Because they include children in the process of recovery, she felt it was the right place for her. “I arrived at Libertae broken, scared, clueless and unhappy. Everyone warmly welcomed me,” she said. “I finally felt like people who understood me surrounded me. Not just the residents but all of the staff as well.” Tara proceeded to go through life skills and therapy. Her case manager and therapist were dedicated to helping her change her life. “Today I absolutely love them and will always be grateful for them.”

Throughout Tara’s stay at Libertae she accomplished a lot of things, including taking care of her health, rebuilding family relationships, growing as a parent, finding employment and learning how to budget. Through Libertae, Tara has been empowered to address her trauma and addiction, leading her down a path of recovery.

“Today I feel a part of society. Not only have I learned how to treat my disease on a daily basis, my children and I live by a healthy routine and there is a never-ending supply of support.”

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