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Nancy Wolf

Addiction recovery is an important treatment process for women because studies have suggested that they experience more difficulties compared to men. A unique approach is necessary that takes women’s biology in account.

This drug epidemic has impacted communities because of decreased productivity among those struggling with addiction and has disrupted the nurturing process for children. When you add volatile upbringings and dysfunctional domestic relationships, this creates a powerful downward spiral for women.

Children of addicted parents are the highest risk group of children to struggle with addiction due to both genetic and family environment factors.

For these very reasons, Libertae champions evidenced-based gender responsive treatment that takes into account a woman’s biology and personal history. We have to address the negative stigma that society assigns to those who struggle with addiction and provide treatment that allows them to recover and lead productive lives. In addition, pregnant women in addiction recovery need a unique level of care.

At Libertae, we provide intense inpatient residential treatment for single women and women with children. I have dedicated my time, energies and passion to community behavioral health with a commitment to quality of life for all individuals, particularly the most underserved among us.

Let’s work together to build healthy women which builds healthy communities.


Kathleen Curtin, Associate Director

Celeste Hutchinson, Clinical Director

Dara Lovett, Social Service Director